The Ball
They are both round
Soft Tennis uses an inflatable, soft, rubber ball whose performance can be altered depending on air pressure. It moves slower than standard ball, which lengthens rallies and makes it easier to keep on court; Soft Tennis balls are more durable and unlike standard balls can be used for a full season without any loss of performance..
The Racquet
Made from the same materials and the same size.
True Soft Tennis racquets are lighter than those used in the traditional game. though 'standard' racquets can be used for Soft Tennis as well.
The Courts
Hard, Clay, Grass, Indoor, Outdoor, you name it, Soft Tennis can be played on it
Due to better control and adaptability, many believe soft tennis offers an advantage on indoor courts and those with limited space.
The Net
They both use one and many use standard tennis net for both games.
In competitive Soft Tennis, the net remains at a consistent height from post to post rather then using a strap to lower net in the middle
The Match
The game scoring is the same
The outcome of a match is determined in only one set, where singles matches are the best of seven games and doubles are the best of nine.
The Game
Good Times!