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Whether you are a beginner, highly skilled, or somewhere in between. man or women, adult or child, senior or junior, fast or slow, tall or short, green-eyed or blue eyed, tennis player or not, Soft Tennis is for YOU.

Originating in Asia in the 1870's, Soft Tennis has become the choice version of tennis for about 40% of players in Japan. It is also becoming increasingly popular in other areas of the world. A slowed down and more strategic version of the game, Soft Tennis emphasizes longer rallies and a more exciting performance that is accessible to every age and ability level right from the very first serve.

The key to Soft Tennis is the use of an inflatable soft, rubber ball. Unlike the standard felt-covered version, the pressure can be adjusted. Players can speed up or slow down the game to suit their ability and training objectives. Its composition also makes it more difficult to generate as much force when hitting the ball. This keeps the ball on the court. The result is longer rallies and a focus on cardiovascular fitness, hand-eye coordination, ball placement and footwork.

Soft Tennis offers a game and learning tool that can be rapidly mastered by beginners, but which challenges even the most accomplished player. That is why Soft Tennis is gaining a following both by experienced players and teachers who view it as a training aid, as well as players who enjoy the sport on its own.

Nagase-Kenko Corporation, a prominent Japanese sporting goods manufacturer, has been a leading supplier of Soft Tennis products for decades. After receiving many inquiries from potential customers and distributors in recent years -- most of whom had become familiar with the game through visits to Japan and Hawaii -- it is now taking steps to introduce this product within the U.S. and other foreign markets.

If you're interested in learning more about this enjoyable game, or would be interested in information about Soft Tennis products, please inquire at your local sporting goods dealer, take a look within this site or contact Nagase Kenko at